How Not To Pose For Your Wedding Photos


Let's be honest, your wedding photos are going to be with you for as long as you safely keep them. What this often translates to is - forever. These are your pride and joy; your immortalised memory of that wonderful day that you called your own. To that effect, you should endeavor to have photos worth remembering. Since you are going to be showing these images off for a long time to come, and to people of all walks, you need to have what wedding photographers in Kent would refer to as 'general consumption' poses. Of course, there are those photos that only you and your husband will have the privilege of looking at, but those ones are best taken during your honeymoon and with no one else in the room other than the two of you. That being said, here are simple tips on How not to pose for your wedding photos as advised by Lovepear Photography in Kent.

1. Do not force it!

This is a mistake that plagues wedding photography in Kent and beyond. Many couples try so hard to look like movie stars when they take their wedding photos that the images come off as forced and unnatural. Do not force a look that you do not naturally poses. If you have an easy smile, them flash it; if you look best as the strong silent and broody type, then let's go for that. Do not try to look 'mysterious' or 'mischievously wicked' if you do not have it in you. These will only look forced and confused at best.

2. Do not make it 'ratchet'

There are times when you are allowed, nay, required to look as sexy and as ratchet as you can be. These are those private honeymoon pictures we were talking about earlier. During your wedding photo shoot is not the time to bring out the sassy pole dancer in you. This is the time to look joyful and carefree, yet somewhat reserved. Your best bet is to fall back on the old tried, tested and found to be true poses (Smile, face about 45 degrees away from the camera, present the lens with your best features and smile again) Let it look natural and charming.

3. Do not suck in your tummy

Yes, that little pot or beer gut may not be the ideal look for your dress or Tux but it is much better than looking constipated. When you suck in your tummy, you tend to forget to breathe, this shows in your face. You will look uncomfortable and constipated at best. Just breathe. Relax and trust that your make-up artists and your Kent wedding photographer know what they are doing.

If you want to nail the perfect look for your Kent wedding photography, it is best to practice in front of a camera. That is one of the main reasons why you are advised to have the same Kent wedding photographer through your engagement and pre-wedding photo shoots. You will get to learn each other and find the common, yet beautiful ground.